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Thing Thing 4:

Thing Thing Games - Play Thing Thing 4
Of all the Thing Thing games (with an exception of the arena games) This one is the most fast paced action filled one of them all. Shoot your way through armies of enemy troops that have been sent after you. Like all the other Thing Thing Games, this one also got a nice graphical upgrade. Great game in True Thing Thing spirit.

Thing Thing 3:

Thing Thing Games - Play Thing Thing 3
'Things' are starting to get serious. Both the features and the storyline are taking a big step in the right direction and the difficulty is increasing as well. If you find it too hard, try the other Thing Thing games first. You are contacted by a mysterious bloke telling you to get to the industrial area. Can you get there?

Thing Thing Arena 3:

Thing Thing Games - Play Thing Thing Arena 3
Who said that sequels only got worse and worse? The Thing Thing games are reaching new heights at every turn! New clothes, new weapons, larger arena's and more. Its also no longer a matter of killing your enemies, now you have to do it with style and finesse. You are also able to earn achievements throughout the game.. Can you get them all?

Thing Thing 2:

Thing Thing Games - Play Thing Thing 2
Thing Thing 2: The story continues. With your beloved friends: Guns and Bullets you take to the streets and waves of hostiles try to stop you. Get new and improved weapons as you go along. This Thing Thing Games mission is to survive to the end. Lock and Load and you can't go wrong. The graphics in Thing Thing 2 is much better.

Thing Thing Arena 2:

Thing Thing Games - Play Thing Thing Arena 2
The enemies are back! And they are stronger than ever! More modes, more enemies, more damage, more blood and bigger Arena's its a recipe for success! This second Arena is a nice contribution to the Thing Thing games. Practice with weapons and hone your skills in the new Practice mode and wreck havoc against ALL enemies in Ultimate Survival

Thing Thing:

Thing Thing Games - Play Thing Thing
You wake up in a cell when a doctor arrives to give you your medicine. Quickly subduing him you take his gun and start blasting your way out. Every step you take reveal more and more about whats going on. Can you get out alive? This first Thing Thing Games mission is to escape the lab. You can only achieve this with guns and bullets.

Thing Thing Arena:

Thing Thing Games - Play Thing Thing Arena
Thing Thing Arena is a survival version of their counterpart. Where in the Thing Thing games you have a mission and a goal, in Arena you only have one mission Survival! For as long as you can and as messy as you could get it. You have 4 different types Standard Survival, Zombie, Super and Stinky Bean Survival. Enjoy
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